Precision Matters

We have it covered

Fully automated inspections with high-resolution scans executed by autonomous drones. Guaranteed coverage. Sub-millimeter precision. Every scan is auditable and repeatable any time.

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Save Time

Complete an inspection in a fraction of the time it takes today.

Save Money

Reduce scaffolding. Reduce labor cost. Reduce idle time for expensive equipment.


Programmed flights instead of manual control - guaranteed coverage, guaranteed precision, full repeatability and audits.


Luftronix drones are custom built for unique inspection challenges. Customizable for any need, our hardware builds on highly precise optical navigation and guaranteed scan quality.


Navigation system

Non-GPS, multi-sensor navigation system based on patented Fused Flow™ technology allows very precise and resilient autonomous navigation without the need for a pilot.

Data Collection

Guaranteed coverage, guaranteed resolution and image quality allow measurements to be taken on screen within regulatory constraints.


Every critical instrument is redundant or has a known process for safe landing upon failure.

Safety Procedures

All known failure conditions have associated protocols for safe landing.

Inspection Controls

The Luftronix Orchestrator™ creates scan plans for any 3-dimensional object and allows the drones to automatically execute
the inspection flights, guaranteeing full coverage and regulation-compliant resolution.

Scan plan for a drilling rig - scanning the metal structure on one side.


Regulatory-compliant inspector's view with optional AI analysis


Watch data collection in real time or review later - your choice.

Data Acquisition

Store data for later comparison or audit and integrate with asset management and ERP


Cloud or local - Luftronix equipment will support your preference


No hands, no human interference - Luftronix equipment flies itself, based on pre-planned instructions.


Inspections are finally location independent - digitized scans can be shared with experts anywhere in the world.